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I like a lot of things, but the two things I’m most passionate about are music and high fashion. Burberry, thanks to Christopher Bailey, combines the both seamlessly. 

When I first started getting into fashion, I was drawn to Burberry. They way they mix modern and classic is a talent not many others can perfect. This brand was the gateway into my love for fashion. It’s interesting because Burberry is one of the few that feature live music in their shows. 

I’ve really responded with the past musicians Burberry has chosen. At their Spring/Summer 2015 show on Monday, September 15, they blew me away. 

Singer/Songwriter James Bay performed a number of his songs while the models walked the runway. His acoustic set enhanced the effortless ‘cool-girl’ style that was shown by the brand. The simple one guitar plus vocals Bay provided for the audience blended perfectly with the ‘Birds and the Bees’ theme Bailey imagined. Bay closed the show with his powerful melodious track, Scars, to a standing ovation. 

I had chills watching it, and now you can too by watching the video above.

Bay currently has two EPs for sale on iTunes, and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

One Direction is back at it with their first song, Fireproof, from their fourth album, currently titled Four.

I think this is a great song. It shows their maturity and finally showcases their voices. Even the album art looks more mature! No longer are they hiding behind the auto tune and the pop-y backing music. To me this sounds like an up-beat John Mayer song; the guitar adds an aspect that they’ve been missing in the last three albums.

Hopefully this is a preview of the type of music we’ll see throughout the whole album.

You can get the free download of this song here: x


If you’ve been reading this blog from the beginning, you’ll know how much I love Judah and the Lion. Their debut, full length album is coming out September 9. If you can’t wait a week to hear their new music, have no fear!

Kids These Days is now streaming on Billboard! Find it here x

I’m so happy how far they’ve come, and I can’t wait to see where they go.

"I will learn to love the skies I’m under"

My “back to school isn’t fun but this mix is” mix is on 8tracks! It features tracks by George Ezra, The Black Keys, The Cure, and Ryn Weaver.
Check it out here x

Another hit coming live from Judah and the Lion.

This Americana-folk group from Nashville, Tennessee know what the key to happiness is. Just listen to the lyrics! They’ve been on the scene for a couple years, soaring to success during the prestigious Battle of the Bands competition at Belmont University. Since then, they’ve been on tour with a bunch of Nashville greats.

Their first full length album comes out September 9. If you’re interested in helping the band out a bit, they have a variety of interesting prizes being offered here: x

Want some Capri Suns and Cheetos with the band before a show? Why not.

Check out this mix on @8tracks: I Should Be Doing Math Homework by Okay Renae.

Check out this upcoming band, The Blue Dawns, from York. Their garage-band sound is classic UK music. You can obviously see their personalities and sense of humor in this music video. Add that to great music and you’ve got a pretty awesome band.

I can’t wait until they release their debut EP, I’ve Seen the Signs, on August 2nd!

Follow them here: thebluedawns.tumblr.com 

And here: @thebluedawns on Twitter 

Everyone stop what you’re doing and hit the play button. I just came across The Wind and the Wave and I’ve fallen in love. This female-led band is heavily folk-rock. They come from Texas, which you can tell influences their music.

They’re debut record comes out August 5 on iTunes! 


Lions Den
Grafton, Wisconsin
Lions Den
Grafton, Wisconsin
Josh Thompson
Fish Day
Port Washington, Wisconsin
Josh Thompson
Fish Day
Port Washington, Wisconsin
Josh Thompson
Fish Day
Port Washington, Wisconsin